SK Manpower Consultant provides great overseas job opportunities for qualified applicants.




  • Healthcare (Nurses, Physical Therapist, Medical Technicians, Caregivers)
  • Hospitality / Hotel & Spa (Housekeeping, Massage Therapist)
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Manufacturing / Factory
  • Automotive
  • Engineering & Consulting
  • IT / Business Process Outsourcing
  • Caretaker 
  • Domestic Helper (Child care, Elderly care and Household)
  • Education (English Language Teachers with TESOL Certificate)

Companies have entrusted us to provide them with skilled and semi-skilled recruits. SK Manpower Consultant is privileged to be able to place Filipino workers where they can contribute relevance to company’s global productivity.


Whether you’re a looking employer or a searching applicant, we invite you to try our outstanding service, and benefit from it in so many ways. The best partner you'll ever needed is here to help you to start up!


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